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Financial Results Not Reaching Expectations

It's Time for a Call to Action

When the board communicates the numbers are not good enough, there should be an immediate call to action.

DCCS Assists Health Systems to Strengthen the Bottom Line:

We provide profitability analysis:

  • Enterprise-level

  • Service line-level

We validate opportunities that will strengthen operating margins:

  • We model “what if” scenarios and risk analysis.

  • We facilitate work-plan development to assure the delivery of results.

  • We support leadership with effective communication strategies.

DCCS has improved health system operating margins >$100,000,000. To learn more about DCCS Financial Advisory Services:


Whatever challenges your health system is facing:

•Financial Advisory • Management Services • Clinical & Operational Advisory • Strategic Advisory & Governance • Hospital Physician Advisors • Surgery Management Improvement • Nursing Advisory Services • Telemedicine Physician Network •Master Facility Planning • Human Resources Advisory • Interim Management • Permanent Search Solutions • Supply Chain Solutions • Audit and Compliance Services • Other

Together, we can fix it.


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