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Expanding OR Capacity

Is your OR struggling to accommodate all of the surgeons requesting access to the schedule? In the OR, lost cases mean missed revenue.

DCCS SMiG implements proven strategies to expand OR capacity.

Signs that OR Case Volume is Exceeding Capacity

  • Average OR utilization exceeds a benchmark of 80%

  • OR's consistently run over at the end of the day

  • Add-on cases do not start until evening

  • Unable to book cases when requested

  • Surgeons underestimate case length to get on the schedule

  • Tension between surgeons, anesthesia, staff, and administration

When OR Utilization exceeds an average 80% it indicates that your OR is likely losing cases.

In addition to lost cases, working beyond 100% capacity means the additional expenditure of overtime and staff burnout.

DCCS SMiG can help identify opportunities and implement strategies to increase OR access for surgeons to schedule cases.

Surgery Management Improvement Group

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