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Expand Cardiovascular Services

DCCS Cardiovascular Advisory Service

DCCS CV Advisory Services

DCCS provides full-service cardiovascular consulting, specializing in strategic business and operational planning.

Full Service Cardiovascular Advisory

  • Cardiovascular Operations Assessment

  • Cardiovascular Market and Opportunity Assessment

  • Strategic Program Planning and Development

  • Ambulatory Network Strategies

  • Interventional Cardiology in the ASC Setting

  • Cardiovascular Physician Alignment

  • Supply Chain Management

"Our team delivers proven strategies for all aspects of Cardiovascular programs including clinical, technical, managerial, and supportive components for improved efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and productivity."

Debbie Linnes | DCCS COO

To learn more, Contact:

David Capone, CEO and Founder

(302) 299-7627Debbie Linnes

Debbie Linnes, COO

(814) 777-6179

Whatever Challenges Your Health System is Facing:

Cardiovascular Program • Financial Advisory • Management Services • Clinical & Operational • Strategic Advisory & Governance • Emergency and Hospital Medicine • Surgery Management • Nursing • Clinical Laboratory • Master Facility Planning • Human Resources • Interim Management • Permanent Search • Supply Chain Solutions • Audit and Compliance

Together, We Can Fix It.


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