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Executive Charessa K. Jackson, CRCS; DCCS Transitional Leadership

Results-driven and strategic Sterile Processing Leader.

Charessa has the ability to quickly identify the entire spectrum of Sterile Processing Departments. Utilizing her 30 years of SPD/OR experience, she transforms and empowers others.

Ensuring compliance by establishing credibility and enhancing relationships through customer service, excellence, professionalism, and commitment to clients.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Provides interim leadership for Sterile Processing

  • Leads and supports leadership in Regulatory Compliance Readiness. (JCAHO, CMS, & CPDH)

  • Provides departmental assessments in order to identify high-risk areas, utilizing best-practice fundamentals.

  • Develops and implements comprehensive department ”best practice“ competencies and educational plans.

  • Develops and implements staffing plans that optimally support the current volumes and workload demands of medical centers.

  • Collaborates with SPD, OR teams & Surgeons to standardize instrument trays due to instrument turnovers.

    • Reduced instruments in trays by 20%, resulting in saving the cost of purchasing new trays.

    • Increased efficiency of “first surgical starts” by implementing and integrating an on-site centralized case cart system, resulting in 60% first start to 100%.

Our Transition Leaders are available both on-site and remotely. Learn More About this Candidate and DCCS Transition Services:


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