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DCCS Pioneers New Nurse Staffing Approach

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

COVID-19 accelerated changes to the nursing workforce that require new staffing solutions.

DCCS is working with clients to pioneer creative nurse staffing approaches that use evidence-based approaches to optimize staffing, engage staff, and meet organizational demands.

We work with our clients to make informed decisions, enhance workforce utilization and improve the patient experience.

The DCCS Nursing Toolbox Includes:

  • Bridge & Flex Staffing across the continuum of care

  • DCCS Partnership-Based Model of Care

  • Non-traditional roles & flex pools

  • Workplace environment enrichment

  • Robust scheduling strategies

Our innovative Nurse Staffing Strategies can work for you.

Whatever challenges your health system is facing,

•Financial Advisory •Management Services •Clinical & Operational Advisory •Strategic Advisory & Governance •Hospital Physician Advisors •Surgery Management Improvement •Nursing Advisory Services •Telemedicine Physician Network •Master Facility Planning •Human Resources Advisory •Interim Management & Permanent Search •Supply Chain •Audit & Compliance

Together, we can fix it.


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