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Creating a Culture of Nursing Excellence

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

The DCCS Model of Care establishes a culture of nursing excellence. Our approach has led to improved staff satisfaction and enhanced recruitment while achieving productivity targets and eliminating agency use.

Working With Leadership

DCCS has found that results are best achieved with the involvement of unit-based leaders and front line staff in focused work groups.

Led by DCCS Nursing Advisory Services Partner, Pat Sealing, each work group develops a plan to guide the implementation of specific tools and strategies with targeted milestones.

More specifically, our approach:

  • Creates a shared vision of the future state

  • Reorganizes nursing leadership structure to support a culture of excellence

  • Develops clinical leadership competencies

  • Aligns staffing plans with the Model of Care and productivity targets

  • Promotes RN critical thinking and patient engagement

  • Enhances teamwork and communication skills


"Pat’s emphasis on top-of-license nursing practice and the partnership-based care model, improves the efficiency, effectiveness of staff, fortifies compassionate patient care, and demonstrably contributes to the healthy work environment for our staff and nurse leaders."

Anne S., Vice President of Patient Care Services & CNO

Regional Medical Center

When Nursing is at it's Best- The Entire Health System Thrives

If you would like to know more about DCCS Nursing Model of Care Services, please contact Pat Sealing.

Pat Sealing, DCCS Partner

Nursing Advisory Services



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