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Costly Patient Status Confusion

Inaccurate patient status assignment can result in millions of dollars of lost revenue.

"The need for sustainable revenue enhancements and improved efficiencies has never been more urgent. Our clients achieve an average $8.2M revenue improvement through accurate patient status management.” Scott Dillon, DCCS HPA.

The DCCS HPA Multi-disciplinary Team's proven strategies for accurate patient status assignment that improve observation and inpatient management efficiencies resulting in:

  • Increase of revenues

  • Free up bed capacity

  • Reduce Length of Stay

  • Decompression of the ED

All leading to improved patient and staff satisfaction.

To learn more about the DCCS approach to delivering the right care in the right place at the right pace visit:

Whatever challenges your health system is facing: Cardiovascular Advisory • Financial Advisory • Management Services • Clinical & Operational Advisory • Strategic Advisory & Governance • Emergency and Hospital Medicine Advisory • Surgery Management Improvement • Nursing Advisory Services • Clinical Laboratory • Master Facility Planning • Human Resources Advisory • Interim Management • Permanent Search Solutions • Supply Chain Solutions Together, we can fix it.


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