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Anticipating the Surgery Surge

Assessing Operational Readiness to Ensure Success

Surgery coming back online presents a historic management challenge as most operating rooms have resource and time capacity limits.

Month to month forecasting shows that surgery demand may surge to 120 to 150% over historical baselines. Health Systems, Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, and competitors will be looking to recover lost revenues as soon as possible; are you ready?

In partnership with Hammes Company Healthcare (experts in demand/capacity modeling), and RDA Associates (leaders in supply chain management and demand planning ), DCCS is providing a free Surgery Surge Preparedness Check List to help surgery leaders develop an effective surge strategy:

  • Forecasting and measuring volumes by specialty

  • Understanding limits on resource capacity

  • Prioritizing and sequencing patients

  • Scheduling labor to match anticipated workload

  • Developing supply/equipment and associated storage strategies

  • Monitoring PPE burn rate

  • Engaging governance to address key decisions

Click Here to connect with a DCCS SMiG Partner and receive our Surgery Surge Preparedness Check List


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