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Advanced Health System Support: Virtual Chief Medical Officers

Our team of Virtual CMOs integrate remotely into the C-Suite to provide the skills and expertise needed to drive innovation and enhance operational performance.

DCCS Provides CMO's for:

Specific Projects

Related to service line planning, implementation, and optimization, EMR integrations, COVID support, and improving the patient experience.

CMO Support:

Delegate tasks for the over-extended CMO such as medical staff affairs, infection control issues, standardization of algorithm-based treatment protocols, regulatory compliance.

CMO Transitions:

An interim CMO service with remote oversight of quality and safety, resource utilization, pathway development, and forming strategic dyads (CNO, CQO, CMIO) to facilitate enterprise solutions to optimize clinical outcomes.

CMO Development:

A cost and time-effective solution to encourage and promote leadership

development and growth through external coaching, mentoring and advising of inexperienced CMOs.

If you need medical leadership support, a DCCS Chief Medical Officer can be your solution.

To learn more about DCCS Virtual CMO Services:


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