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A Big Win For Senior Living: New Telehealth Policies

Jim Angle, LNHA, CEO DCCS Telemedicine Physician Network

"Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized on April 5 that Medicare Advantage plans will be allowed to cover telehealth services that originate from beneficiaries’ homes — such as independent living or assisted living communities."

Jim Angle, LNHA CEO DCCS Telemedicine Physician Network

A DCCS "Telemedicine Readiness Assessment" for your Skilled Nursing and/or Assisted Living Facilities can help you to determine:

  • If you have the right Technology.

  • If you can integrate multiple Clinical Specialties.

  • If you have the Management Bandwidth to support growth.

  • If you can interface with your EMR.

  • If you have enough Nursing and Physician Support.

DCCS Telemedicine Physician Network Working with health systems nationwide to expand access to high-quality care. 


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