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Form and Function For Nurse Satisfaction

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Improving Nurse Workplace Satisfaction

DCCS Partner Pat Sealing has been working with architects, master facility planners, and hospital clients to design state-of-the-art patient care units. 

DCCS works with architects, master facility planners and hospital clients to design state-of-the-art patient care units.

"I have learned that to improve workplace satisfaction, nurses need a model of care that maximizes both form and function." - Pat Sealing 

DCCS Builds Solutions to Improve Nurse Satisfaction  DCCS partners with Leadership to build nursing workforce strategies that:

  • Involve front-line staff to design and implement staffing strategies

  • Restructure the nurse and provider team to support teamwork

  • Tailor new workflows to move nursing resources to the bedside 

  • Redesign work stations and environment to enhance communication

  • Build a culture that rewards teamwork and continuous improvement

When nursing is at its best, the entire health system thrives.

Our proven strategies and tools create a positive work environment, increases staff satisfaction, reduces turnover and strengthens the bottom line.  


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