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Experienced Behavioral Health Executive

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Maria Talamo, Behavioral Health Executive

Maria Talamo, MA RN NEA-BC EDAC LSSYB FACHE Results-driven Operations and Behavioral Health Executive with a proven record of accomplishment in operations management, finance, clinical program development, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, performance improvement, facility design and construction, site selection, and business development.

Behavioral Health Executive Successes

  • Transformed psychiatric hospitals to positive financial performance

    • Increased to 96% occupancy with EBITDA at 23% of net revenue.

    • Improved all operating ratios and clinical quality core measures.

    • Produced the first two quarters of positive earnings in the history of the hospital, with new highs in the average daily census and net revenue.

    • Decreased denied days from 8% to 1.88% over 6 months.

Psychiatric Pavilion of an acute care hospital: completed an operational assessment, hired 50 staff members within 7 weeks, filled 5 nursing management positions, and set hospital on a course to open 50 closed beds increasing net revenue to the hospital by $12.5M annually.

  • Reduced seclusion and restraint in Inpatient Psychiatry in a Children’s Hospital by 94%.

  • Supervised the $21M renovation, licensure at 4 ASAM levels of care, and opening of a luxury 77-bed RTC for Substance Use Disorder treatment with no deficiencies or recommendations for improvement.

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