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DCCS Emergency Telemedicine

Reducing Costs & Improving Quality for Rural Healthcare

DCCS, a Leader in Healthcare Transformation, announces the launch of its newest service: DCCS Emergency Telemedicine.

“We believe this model will improve quality and lower physician coverage costs significantly for rural hospital emergency departments,” said Scott Dillon, Partner, DCCS Hospital Physician Advisors.

DCCS Emergency Telemedicine Program is IMPACTFUL:

• On-demand Emergency Telemedicine services 24/7/365

• No Start-Up Fee - No Minimum Volume - Pay ONLY for the services used

• Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians

• Standard protocols producing improved outcomes

The DCCS Emergency Telemedicine program can reduce ED provider staffing costs by greater than 30%.

The DCCS Telemedicine Network is changing the delivery model for care in a variety of settings, such as Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Facilities, and Post Acute Care Facilities.

If you would like to know how DCCS Emergency Telemedicine can deliver higher quality at a lower cost, please contact Scott Dillon.

To learn more about The DCCS Telemedicine Network, Contact DCCS.


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