DCCS Transitional Leadership; Clinical Laboratory Director

Warren Erickson, MLS (ASCP)

Experienced and proven leadership in all aspects of laboratory operations. Knowledge and experience in physician office laboratories, point of care, critical access, and tertiary laboratories. Areas of Expertise include regulatory compliance including CLIA, COLA, and CAP; financial, personnel, and contract management; system standardization and reference laboratory testing.

Key Advantages

  • Developed a reference laboratory business that grew from 6% to over 65% of the laboratory annual testing volume.

  • Consolidated/standardized laboratory contracts for a healthcare system with 100 laboratories. This process standardized the quality and normal ranges for testing across the health system’s laboratories.

  • Led an implementation process of placing 88 chemistry analyzers in an 18 month period after a chemistry contract was awarded. The contract standardization saved millions of dollars by consolidating vendors, aggregating volumes, and negotiating added value into the contract.

  • Developed a culture of responsibility that moved patient satisfaction scores to the 90th percentile and sustained the improvement.

  • Provided laboratory consultation and mentoring to up-and-coming laboratory professionals.