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DCCS Announces Expansion

Pamela Gallegher to Lead DCCS Hospital Financial Support Services

DCCS Provides Financial Advisory Support to Hospitals and Health Systems

David Capone, DCCS President and Founder

“DCCS was founded on financial advisory and financial support services. In response to our clients' need for increased financial operational support, we have added Pam Gallager and expanded our service offerings.”

David Capone, DCCS Founder

Pam Gallagher, DCCS Financial Support Services

Pamela J. Gallagher, CPA, MBA, DBA, is an experienced health system CFO who understands the internal day-to-day demands within a health system’s finance operations, and how a high-performance finance team best supports resourcefulness, compliance, assurance, and internal/external reporting.


DCCS Financial Support Services

DCCS provides experienced high-quality healthcare finance professionals who can provide ongoing support to maintain and lift daily finance operations.

Contact us to learn more about DCCS Financial Support Services.


Whatever challenges your health system is facing:

•Cardiovascular Program •Financial Advisory •Management Services •Clinical & Operational •Strategic Advisory & Governance •Emergency and Hospital Medicine •Surgery Management •Nursing •Clinical Laboratory •Master Facility Planning •Human Resources •Interim Management •Permanent Search •Supply Chain Solutions • Audit and Compliance

Together, we can fix it.


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