Dave C Capone

Founder & President

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Debbie Linnes

Partner & COO

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Rhonda Punches

​Sr. Marketing Coordinator

Social Media Management 

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Richard Morrow, Principal, Black Belt, DCCS Consulting,
Steve Grace 

VP of Recruitment Services

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DCCS Hospital Physician Advisors

DCCS has expanded services to offer our clients a unique pathway to achieve independence and financial/operational success with their Hospital-Based Physician Services.

Richard Morrow, Principal, Black Belt, DCCS Consulting,

Our Services

Social Media Marketing

DCCS can enhance your brand awareness, increase patient/client engagement and drive market share growth through social media marketing.

Scott Dillon 

VP Hospital Physician Advisors

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Richard Morrow, Principal, Black Belt, DCCS Consulting,
DCCS healthcare leadership is focused on responding to the exponential changes affecting today's healthcare.
Debbie Linnes, Partner and COO DCCS Consulting
David C Capone, President and Founder, DCCS Consulting
DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group

​DCCS SMI Group deploys proven strategies to align clinical and administrative leadership, improve hospital and surgical center operations, manage and reduce expenses, and expand your surgical volume.

Our Leadership

Interim Management & Permanent Search 

A DCCS  placement is combined with consulting oversight providing a successful outcome to the client. We have built a reputation of consistently providing our clients with seasoned healthcare executives with exemplary results.    

Financial Services

Our experience has proven that a bit of additional support at the right time can greatly build stability and confidence. If your year-to-date financial results are not on plan, consider the experience of DCCS as your trusted resource.

Operational Services 

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals works side-by-side with your staff to deliver proven methodologies, and comprehensive consulting services that can improve everything from clinical workflows to physician practice operations.