DCCS Nursing Advisory Services Includes:

Recruitment and Retention Program Development and Implementation
Career Advancement Program Development and Implementation
Professional Development Program Development and Implementation 
Patient and Family Centered Care Implementation
Nursing Model of Care Development and Implementation
Nursing Organizational Restructuring
Shared Governance Development, Redesign, and Implementation
Leadership Development and Coaching
Nursing Operations Improvement 
Operational Planning and Facility Design
Nursing Specialty Consultation (e.g. Ambulatory, Emergency Department, Medical-Surgical, ICU, Maternal-Child, Pediatric, Geriatric etc.)
Pathway of Excellence Consultation
Nursing Project Management

DCCS Nursing Advisory Services

DCCS Nursing Advisory Services assist healthcare organizations to improve the patient’s experience and most importantly, the nurse’s experience.

A DCCS Assessment can pinpoint challenges and offer proven strategies to support nurses, the patients they care for, and the organizations they serve. 

When Nursing is at its best, the entire Health System thrives. 



VP of Nursing Advisory Services