The Quality Improvement Journey:
Next Stop, High-Reliability 

Training, Coaching & Mentoring 

Coaching and Mentoring are essential in building capability and sustainability for a High-Reliability Organization- the mission for every healthcare organization.  DCCS Improvement Institute provides the crucial training needed to provide a holistic solution to developing HROs. Unlike other programs, DCCS uses a systematic approach to improving both safety and clinical outcomes including web-based high-reliability rounding tools and dashboards. 

Richard Morrow, Executive in High-Reliability Organizations, leads DCCS's High-Reliability Healthcare service line. 

Richard has improved patient safety and eliminated harm across healthcare in the USA and UK and is the original developer of The Joint Commission’s Center for Transforming Healthcare and Robust Process Improvement methodology used in collaborations with Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Mass. Gen, New York Presbyterian, and many other leading healthcare organizations. Richard developed and taught patient safety, reporting of adverse events, how to perform root cause investigations, most importantly, improved healthcare processes making them more reliable and robust.  

Begin with a high-level assessment that focuses on the strengths and opportunities for your organization in the High-Reliability Elements areas. The assessment should sample key elements and services most important to your organization.   

This assessment will help speed your journey to High-Reliability by directing your focus on improving processes that result in poor reliability.  

The DCCS HRO Readiness Report includes:

  • Strengths in HRO Elements 
  • HRO Elements to enhance. These elements of focus will most improve clinical outcomes safely
  • Key processes to strengthen in the identified HRO Elements. These processes should be the focus to improve the identified HRO Element
  • A Roadmap to High-Reliability and suggested milestones along the way
  • Sample process templates
  • A definition of High-Reliability for your organization.
  • Your Roadmap to High-Reliability

Our complete Roadmap to High-Reliability includes a high-level assessment of organizational readiness, tools including easy-to-use templates teams can use in improving reliability, and a Roadmap to High-Reliability to support your journey. We will also include ideas for rapid improvement quick wins.

No Harm Healthcare


None of us would fly today if airlines had the same outcomes as healthcare.  

“We finally see ED patient wait times reduced after years of upsetting patients with no improvement and numerous consultants."

- ED Physician Group Executive

Where to Begin:  Assess your Readiness

Rick Morrow  

Master Black Belt

Debbie Linnes 

DCCS COO & Partner 


The journey toward becoming a high-reliability organization focuses on improving reliability through better process design, building a culture of reliability, and leveraging human factors that help people do the right thing.  Though the drive to become an HRO originated with safety, healthcare has come to realize this work will improve performance in every area.
High-Reliability organizations cultivate resilience by relentlessly prioritizing safety over other performance pressures. 

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