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DCCS Financial Services


David C. Capone, FHFMA, FACHE
DCCS President & Founder, Financial Improvement Specialist

"We are proving time and time again that our unique business model and approach to consulting is providing our clients with sustainable solutions."

Our experience has proven that a bit of additional support at the right time can greatly build confidence. If your year-to-date financial results are not on plan, consider the experience of DCCS as your trusted resource.

Over the years, health systems have reached out to DCCS requesting assistance with budget gap analysis and rolling forecasts.  Each time it has proven to strengthen confidence in the financial plan for the year, and years ahead.

If governance is starting to reflect that they are losing confidence in the budget,  there should be an immediate call to action.

Dave Capone
  • Financial Restructuring     
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Mergers/Acquisitions  
  • Financial Management
  • Physician Alignment Strategies
  • Provider Network Development
  • Payer and Provider Innovations
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Revenue Cycle Enhancement
  • Physician Management Services
  • IT Strategies

Financial Improvement Services

  • Adding temporary bandwidth to the finance team.
  • Providing new tools and analytical techniques.
  • Assisting with net revenue & contractual allowance estimates. 
  • Assisting with identifying and pressure testing key assumptions.
  • Assisting with risk analysis and modeling various “what if” scenarios.
  • Assisting with updating forecasts, and report presentations.
  • Assisting with building and implementing corrective action plans.​