It is becoming more difficult than ever to improve a healthcare organization's bottom line. DCCS provides its clients with a "turnkey" work plan approach towards operating margin improvement.

Over our history, we have averaged $8 million of operating margin improvement per client. 

Rapid Turnaround Management
Interim Management
ACO Development
JV Development/Management
Revenue Cycle Improvement
Managed Care Contracting
Financial Reporting
Treasury Improvement
Reimbursement Analysis
IT Improvement
IT “Achieve Meaningful Use”
Supply Chain Improvement

 About DCCS Consulting

Quality/Customer Service Improvement
Clinical Service Improvement

Home Health Management
Nursing Service Improvement
Operational Improvement
Financing /Funding Assistance
Real Estate Assistance
Business Development Support
Provider Network Development
Affiliation/Merger Development
Strategic Planning
Labor Management
Project Management

DCCS  offers a wide variety of services

Operating margin improvement work plan approach

Our work plans focus on business development, improving clinical & operational effectiveness, and enhancing expense management.  

Our clients like that we provide temporary management
band-width so in a team effort we lift and move the operating margin in one big step.  

We strive to create sustainability and not dependability all the while working with an average 15% fees / 85% operating margin improvement ratio.